Articles and Book Chapters

Refereed Journal Articles

1.         ‘Deliberative Democracy in Action: A Case Study of Animal Protection’Politics and Animals, 4, 2018: 1-15.

2.         ‘Bovine TB, Badger Culling and Applied Ethics: Utilitarianism, Animal Welfare and Rights’, Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 30(4), 2017: 579-84.

3.         ‘The Boyd Group and Animal Experimentation’Global Journal of Animal Law, 5, 1, 2017: 79-100.

4.         ‘Animals and Democratic Theory: Beyond an Anthropocentric Approach’, Contemporary Political Theory, 16, 4, 2017: 459–477

5.         ‘Animal Rights and the Deliberative Turn in Democratic Theory’, European Journal of Political Theory, 2016 doi: 10.1177/1474885116630937.

6.         ‘Animal Ethics and the Political’Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, 2016 doi: 10.1080/13698230.2016.11944583.

7.         ‘Much Ado About Nothing?: Barry, Justice and Animals’, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, 15, 3, 2012, pp.363-76.

8.         ‘New Literature, Same Response: Rawls, Justice and Animals’, Res Publica, 18, 2012,  pp. 159–172

9.         ‘Animal Welfare, Ethics and the Work of the International Whaling Commission’, Journal Of Global Ethics, 7, 3, 2011, pp. 279-90. An abstract of this article was also published in Animal Welfare, 22, 2013, pp. 131-2.

10.       ‘In Defence of Sentience: A Response to Cochrane’s Liberty Thesis’ Political Studies, 59, 1, 2011, pp. 175-87.

11.       ‘Animals, Ethics and Public Policy’Political Quarterly, 81, 1, 2010, pp.123-30.

12.       ‘The Politics of Animal Rights’, British Politics, 3, 2008, pp. 110-19.

13.       ‘Political Ideologies and the Moral Status of Animals’, Journal of Political Ideologies, 8, 2, June 2003, pp. 233-46.

14.       ‘Animals. Politics and Justice: Rawlsian Liberalism and the Plight of Non-humans’, Environmental Politics, 12, 2, Summer 2003, pp.3-22.

15.       ‘Political Science and Animal Studies’, Society and Animals, 10, 4, 2002, pp.395-401.

16.       ‘Political Theory, Animal Rights and the Liberal Tradition’, Contemporary Politics, 8,1, 2002, pp.7-22.

17.       ‘Animal Protection and Legislators in Britain and the United States’, Journal of Legislative Studies, 5, 2, Summer 1999, pp. 92-114.

18.       ‘Biodiversity Since Rio’, Environmental Politics, 8, 2, 1999, pp.148-52.

19.       ‘Defending Animal Rights’, Parliamentary Affairs, 51, 3, 1998, pp.458-69.  Also published in F.F. Ridley & G. Jordan (eds.) Protest Politics: Cause Groups and Campaigns (Oxford University Press, 1998, pp.150-61.

 20.      ‘The Politics of Animal Protection: A Research Agenda’, Society and Animals (an American interdisciplinary journal), Spring 1995, pp.43-60.

 21.      ‘Wildlife Conservation and the Moral Status of Animals’, Environmental Politics, 3, 1, Spring 1994, pp.114-29.

 22.      ‘Political Animals: A Survey of the Animal Protection Movement in Britain’, Parliamentary Affairs, II, 1993, pp.333-53.

 23.      ‘The Animal Lobby’ Political Quarterly, 1, 1991, pp.285-91.

 24.       ‘Labour’s Policy Review: A Case of Historical Continuity?’, Politics, 10, 1, April 1990, pp.33-9.


Book Contributions

1.         ‘The Contemporary Debate in Animal Ethics’, in P. Adamson and G Fay Edwards (eds), Animals: A History (Oxford University Press, 2018), pp. 319-43.

2.         ‘Animals, Politics and Democracy’, in R. Garner and S. O’Sullivan (eds.) The Political Turn in Animal Ethics (Rowman and Littlefield International, 2016, pp. 103-17.

3.         ‘Welfare, Rights and Non-Ideal Theory’ in T. Visak and R. Garner (eds.) The Ethics of Killing Animals (Oxford University Press, 2016, pp. 215-28.

4.         Environmental Politics, Animal Rights and Ecological Justice’ in H. Kopina and E.  Shoreman-Quimet (eds.) Sustainability: Key issues (London: Earthscan, 2015: pp. 331-46

5.         ‘Progress in Animal Welfare’ in A. Linzey (ed.) The Global Guide to Animal Protection,  (Champaign, IL: University of Illinois Press, 2013, pp. 238-40). 

6.         ‘Animal Rights’ in Claeys, Gregory (ed.) Encyclopedia of Modern Political Thought. (Washington DC: CQ Press, forthcoming)

7.         ‘The Animal Rights Movement’ in the Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology (Blackwell, 2006).

8.         ‘The Animal Protection Movement’ in Robertson, Roland, and Jan Aart Scholte, (eds.)  Encyclopedia of Globalization.  (New York: Routledge, 2006).

9.         Contributions to J. Barry and E. Gene Frankland (eds.) International Encyclopedia of Environmental Politics (Routledge, 2001).

10.       ‘Politics and Sustainable Development’ in J. Blewitt and C. Cullingford (eds.) The Sustainability Curriculum (Earthscan, 2004, pp. 208-17).

11.       ‘Environmental Policy’ in J. Fisher, D. Denver and J. Benyon (eds.) Central Debates in British Politics (Pearson, 2002, pp. 329-50).

12.       ‘Conserving Wildlife’ in M. Smith (ed.) Thinking Through the Environment: A Reader (Routledge, 2000, pp.166-77).

13.       ‘Environmental Policy’ in R.Kelly (ed.) Changing Party Policy in Britain (Blackwell,1999, pp.215-31).

 14.      ‘Animal Welfare’ in P. Cowley (ed.) Conscience and Parliament (Frank Cass, 1998, pp.117-31).

15.       ‘Animal Research and Pluralist Politics: The British and American Experience’ in L.F.M. van Zutphen & M. Balls (eds.) Animal Alternatives, Welfare and Ethics (Elsevier Science, 1997, pp.67-79).

16.       ‘Ecology and Animal Rights: Is Sovereignty Anthropocentric?’ in L. Brace & J. Hoffman (eds.) Reclaiming Sovereignty(Cassell, 1997, pp.188-203).

17.       ‘Ramsay MacDonald’ in R. Kelly & J. Cantrell (eds.) Modern British Statesman 1865-1945 (Manchester University Press, 1997, pp.144-60).


Reviews/Review Articles

   1.      ‘Towards a Theory of Justice for Animals’, review article (3,000 words), Journal of Animal Ethics, 2, 1, 2012, pp. 98-104.

   2.      Review of Bernard Rollin ‘Putting the Horse Before Descartes’, Journal Of Politics, 74, 1, 2012, pp 156-58.

   3.      Review of Lyle Munro, ‘Confronting Cruelty: Moral Orthodoxy and the Challenge of the Animal Rights Movement’ (Leiden: Brill, 2005), Society & Animals, 13, 3, 2005, pp.269-72.

   4.      Review of Gayil Talshir, ‘The Political Ideology of Green Parties’ , (Basingstoke: Macmillan, 2002) in History of Political Thought, XXV, 1, Spring, 2004, pp.166-8.

   5.      ‘The Scope of Green Realism’, Contemporary Politics, 6, 2, 2000, pp.185-90.

   6.      Review of P. Clayton  ‘Connection on the Ice: Environmental Ethics in Theory and Practice’ (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1998) in Anthrozoos, Vol. 11, 4, 1998, pp. 255-

Other Writing

   1.      ‘Preface’ for Siobhan O’Sullivan ‘Animals, Equality and Democracy’ Palgrave, 2011. 

   2.       ‘Anarchism, Socialism and Utopia’, Politics Review, 18, 3, 2009, pp. 27-29.

   3.      ‘Smoking and Liberty’, Politics Review, 16, 1, 2006, pp. 14-16.

   4.      ‘Animal Welfare: A Political Defense’, Journal of Animal Law and Ethics (Journal of University of Pennsylvania Law School), 1, May 2006, pp. 161-74.

   5.      Contributor to ‘The Legal Status of Nonhuman Animals’, Transcript of round table on Animals and the Law organized by the New York Bar Association held in New York City on September 25 1999, Animal Law, 8, 2002, pp.1-76.

   6.      ‘Political Ideology and the Legal Status of Animals’, Animal Law (journal of Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College), 8, 2002, pp.77-91.

   7.      ‘How Green is Labour?’, Politics Review, 8, 4, 1999, pp.26-8.

   8.      ‘Animal Rights and Wrongs’, Chemistry and Industry, 4 Jan. 1999, p.40.

   9.      ‘Animals and Public Policy’, Politics Review, 6, 3, 1997, pp.14-16.

 10.      ‘Healthy Animal Passions’, Times Higher Education Supplement, 6 November 1992.

 11.      ‘Labour and the Policy Review: A Party Fit to Govern?’, Talking Politics, Autumn 1990, 

 12.      ‘Modernisation and the Policy Review: The Labour Party Since the 1987 Election’, Talking Politics, Summer 1989, pp.101-4.

 13.      ‘The Ideological Impact of the Trade Unions on the Labour Party 1918-31’, Manchester University Papers in Politics, No. 2, 1989, 17 pp.

 14.       ‘Local Labour Parties in Manchester and Salford and the Communist Question in the 1920s’, Manchester Region History Review, Spring 1988, pp.20-6.



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